Thursday, 23 September 2010


  1. I enjoyed that quite alot! Keep this up becky!

  2. Thankyouuu jez :), I'm recutting it though think I might remove all the humanistic parts as they kind of jumble with the fragile structure thing.

    Yes - you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Your taking a gap year aren't you? HOWS IT GOING?

  3. yeah, i'm currently working on a structure based project, so i kinda do :L yeaah i am indeeed :) its going alright, a little slow, but i should hopefully be getting a job as an art assistant at a school in bury, so its kinda handy that im getting a job within the field :)

    hows university going so far?

  4. Oh yeah! I really liked your collapsed shark/deer paintings, good stuff! - I shot a little bit more footage on Thursday so it's still got a lot more to be done! Universities pretty amazing, the only problem is it being an FE course and so thus lending itself to a general sense of impending doom over the lack of jobs in London, I'm applying for bursaries and stuff tomorrow though so hopefully that should sort itself out. I'm also thinking of applying to Slade for Fine Art instead of staying at St Martins (their moving to this new campus... The whole school.)

    That's really good on the assistant front! You get to be vaguely arrogant too, which is always a good thing, you know in a 'Oh yeah, so you only just discovered that artist huh? ha... Haaa... haa... Where you been?' Plus super awesome for future applications and stuff! You got into Kingston right? You too get impending doom! (Actually no, you get a student loan. Mehhhhh!)

  5. legend, yeah i wasn't too sure about them, i can't paint at all and really wanted too give it a go :) yeaah i bet its pretty hard to get a job down there :L well st martins is kickass and all... but slade, that place is just a winner!

    yeah its pretty cool, when i heard i could get the job i was like BEAST! a easy job within the art field, cba for sitting at a till all day :P

    yeah boy kingston for the win! cant wait for that lovely student loan....