Friday, 5 October 2012

 We are located outside of time. The images and sounds experienced here have silenced all temporal disputes. An eternal present, and at this point I am whispering close to you. A long shot. It is conceivable that these images have existed someplace before, nevertheless within this space all past is rendered irrelevant. Can you see through these white walls? Here exists love, at first and last sight. // In this place, we can create moments of a collective, but definably personal flashback exalted from the ashes of our own mutual vaults. Our flashback. Passing through the curtain, the dreamers will return to the future. However, these images pasted upon the backs of eyes will remain. The memories will remain. Unconscious recall will occur, but please do not fret. Although the image in this instance will be seen only by you: We will have the same history, for these are our images.