Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'Thus in the same way that all cultural images and objects become general—the film Independence Day being not dissimilar in homogeneity and degree of spectacle from any individual's photos of their newborn child on Facebook —so too does the authorial stance of the artist become general. Any sorting of images or aspects of culture, applied with a declaration or narrative gesture, becomes not dissimilar to our experience of everyday life, regardless of the degree to which the images are spectacular. What comes to matter is not that an artist has presented some aspect of the spectacle and how it fits neatly into some aspect of a linear historical trajectory. What matters is that in the presentation they have created a proposition towards an alternate conception of cultural objects.'
Artie Vierkant, 'The Image Object Post-Internet' 

Next time Darling,

Maybe, next time. 

They say work hard, study hard.
But I like long walksSEIN. and rain.