Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The borderlines of the virtual reality scape and the bland living room where he sat became indivisible, Marlowe smoked. Eyes raised towards the grey screen promising a hither too unknown vivid hallucination lay ahead. The room was dark. He remembered an old film directed by Robert Montgomery called 'Lady In The Lake'  from the Raymond Chandler novel of the same name. With the pressure of 3-D Cinema hanging low against his dimly lit Hollywood studio door, Robert Montgomery choose instead to invent the first person shooter. Marlowe reminisced how one could chart a linear line between 'Lady of The Lake' and the dreamscapes he chased first in 'Doom' as a child and now in 'Bioshock'. And yet, he was still enthralled by rejecting the game map, by moving beyond the linearity of the narrative (here, he chuckled, what would Foucault have said?), engaging strange creatures with nothing new to say over and and over again for hours, initiating bizarre stalker-like love affairs by repeat phone call in Ganguro Girl... This film theorist guy, see Marlowe was a film graduate who used to teach down at the local college until the great epoch had ended... See this film theorist guy, in the late 70s, he took the memories of Chris Marker's La Jetee and re-edited them into a new sequence, creating what he called La Rejetee, memories that he (the film theorist) would now own. Memories that were his. Marlowe liked to think that was what he had been chasing through the video game hallucination since childhood, the creation of new memories, his memories.